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Chapter Activities for the 2016 Year


11 Oct

Dinner Meeting
Dr. Thomas Agrait
People Engagement and Neurodiversity
Closing the Gap!
Shula’s Hotel,
15255 Bull Run Road,
Miami Lakes, FL 33014


Chapter Leadership Team Meeting

The next Chapter Leadership Team Meeting will be held TBD

Activities and News


Would you like to attend the 25th Annual ASQ Audit Div Conference in Memphis, TN on Oct 19-21 FOR FREE?

Section 1515 will draw a name from all Section 1515 Members who send an email to charwilliamson@att.net (Section 1515 Treasurer) by AUGUST 22. Subject line should be: "ASQ Audit Conference."

You can review Conference details at http://www.asqauditconference.org. Winner will be registered for.

Drawing prize:

  • 4 nights (Oct 19-Oct 22) in a Traditional room at the Peabody Hotel, Memphis TN
  • 2 free pre-Conference workshops (choose from 3) on Oct 19
  • Free Conference registration (Oct 20-21)

Join us in Austin, Texas on Friday, November 4, 2016 for a one day educational conference titled “The Future of Quality”. For detailed information and registration go to ASQAustin.org. The cost for ASQ Members is $179.00 until October 7th then it goes up to $209.00 (registration is located at the bottom of ASQAustin.org page).

Speakers and Topics:
William Robinson – What is the Quality Equivalent to Moore’s Law?
Doug Krug – Leading Change Without Resistance
Dr. Mac McGuire – The Top 10 Reasons for Not Using the Malcolm Baldrige Framework
Dr. Connie Bishop – Quality Improvement, Risk Management, Baldrige Expertise and Nursing Informatics
Cliff Norman – Applying Deming’s Quality Management Theories to Private, Personal and Government Organizations
Tyron Stading – Machine Learning: How Innography dramatically improves big data quality to give its customers an edge

Certification Exam Calendar

See calendar here.

ASQ Certification Moves to Computer-Based Test Delivery

Based on extensive market analysis and member feedback, ASQ is transitioning the delivery of its certification exams from paper and pencil, to computer-based testing, or CBT. The change will occur beginning with the September 28, 2016, exams.

Benefits of the change include an increase of annual administrations from two to six; additional days available for testing from four to 102; more testing location from 350 to 8,000; convenience of retesting reduced from six months to two months; and exam results in zero to four days instead of 10.

Exams initially will be available through computer-based test in English, with translated exams available starting March 2017.

Posted on October 4, 2016