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Chapter Activities for 2019

17 Sep 2019
Joint Dinner
Peter Borsella
CEO, Big Orange Square;
President, Winnow Management
Twice the Product in
Half the Time:
the Promise of Agility

Tropical Acres Restaurant
2500 Griffin Road,
Ft. Lauderdale

Speaker: Peter Borsella,  CEO, Big Orange Square; President, Winnow Management
Peter has discovered that his favorite aspect of his career is seeing organizations, products, and lives transformed. Opportunities for this transformation abound, all the way from the executive level struggling with understanding true agility, down to the delivery person struggling with the details of a new test procedure, and he loves working through it all. He has found few things that beat the satisfaction of being part of a creative problem-solving team, and his agile journey has been in progress now for almost 20 years doing just that.

 Presentation Topic: Twice the Product in Half the Time: the Promise of Agility
Agility is no longer an alternative way of working, but has become the way organizations create and deliver value. Yet, there is still significant misunderstandings around what it means to be agile and how to go about practicing it. A 2018 Harvard Business Review article found that “around four-fifths of survey respondents say they’re using agile in some form,” but “less than a fifth of firms gave themselves the top rating in achieving…its full potential.”
Could it be that there is still a lack of understanding around this important topic? Join us for an opportunity to explore and validate core expectations of agility and the associated practices. You’ll hear practical explanations of these major areas of impact:
• a brief history and definition of agility and the most common practices
• how to maintain quality and manage risk in an agile environment
• the most common misunderstandings about agility

Bring your tough agile problems and let’s discuss how to move forward!

Certification Exam Calendar

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ASQ Certification Moves to Computer-Based Test Delivery

Based on extensive market analysis and member feedback, ASQ has transitioned the delivery of its certification exams from paper and pencil, to computer-based testing, or CBT. The change will occur beginning with the September 28, 2016, exams.

Benefits of the change include an increase of annual administrations from two to six; additional days available for testing from four to 102; more testing location from 350 to 8,000; convenience of retesting reduced from six months to two months; and exam results in zero to four days instead of 10.

Exams initially will be available through computer-based test in English, with translated exams.

Posted on August 14, 2019